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What guides us ?

Number One Biotech Inc. established in 2016, believes that “Agriculture nourish better life”, we keep promoting Modernized agriculture and providing intelligent, precise, and sustainable farming environments, pushing our agricultural technology to new limits.


Future Agriculture

With the new look of precision production and smart agriculture, Taiwan's agricultural trends are changing...

Our world needs more sustainable food systems that use land, water, and other inputs more efficiently, and drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels, to foster innovation and make higher yields in our crops.

future agriculture
Our vision

Our Vision

1. Highly specialized, Large-scale, and entrepreneurial

2. Perfect agricultural production system: Including supply, production,

    storage, transportation, marketing.

3. Educate, Research, promote, Finding innovative and sustainable

    ways to develop our society.

How We Innovate

No1.Biotech Inc. will adopt technology such as ICT, IoT, Big Data, and AI to provide smart agricultural solutions, Meanwhile, we dedicate to developing automated agricultural machinery to reduce the demand of labor force, integrate back-end operation processes such as harvesting, warehousing, and logistics distribution management, and also promote the sales side, find opportunities for agricultural development, pushing Taiwan's agricultural technology to new limits.

How we innovate

Modernized agricultural technology

We connect producers and users of grains around Taiwan through origination, trading, processing, and distribution,as well as offering a standard operating procedure and smart agricultural solutions to those farmers.

Standard Operating Procedure

To achieve the goal of sustainable operation,

we unified fertilize process and group operation,

Collect and analyze open data through promoting a farming standardized process from growth to processing.

Effectively reduce planting risks and make yield and quality more stable and high-quality.


Post-harvest Process

After harvesting, we adopt modern screening equipment,

and each screening process is strictly controlled, which can effectively remove broken beans and impurities, improve the quality and stability of crops after harvesting.

Damaged kernels, heat-damaged kernels were all better than CNS (Chinese National Standards) first-class standards.

Smart Cold-Chain Management

Within 48 hours after harvest, the crops are stored in CAS standard low-temperature dry warehouse, the temperature is controlled at 9-13 degrees, and the relative humidity is maintained at 55-70%, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases to ensure good quality.


Traceable agricultural products 

The implementation of TAP has led to an increase in the area, yield, and sales of domestic soybeans year by year.

TAP also Improves consumers' trust and purchase intention, Increases cooperation opportunities with multiple manufacturers.

Such as Pxmart, Milkshop, etc. and led to the growth of sales of soybeans and related processed products in Taiwan. Even successfully marketed abroad.

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