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Eighteen Wheat

Since 1960, Taiwan's wheat planting area was once as high as 20,000 hectares, but after World War II, a large amount of flour was imported, resulting in the reduction of the local wheat planting area to 20 hectares. Therefore, over the years, wheat has relied heavily on imported supplies.


Eighteen Wheat working on presenting the original flavor of Taiwan's wheat, self-developing the process of breeding, harvesting, drying, and milling. Stone Ground Style Flour, which retains the special flavor of domestic grains.

Flour Products

Eighteen Wheat  Flour


Retains the wheat bran, has higher protein and lipids than others and has high nutritional value.

Stone Ground Style
High Extraction Flour


Stone Ground Style Whole Wheat Flour

It’s made from whole wheat and adopts the ancient European stone milling method, Carried out by low-speed grinding, rich in whole grain nutrients.


Stone Ground Style Buckwheat Flour

Contains a variety of nutritional values. It can be combined with flour to make buckwheat noodles, dumplings, etc.

Soda Cracker


Soda Cracker

Natural domestic buckwheat & natural seaweed


Selected domestic buckwheat flour, 100% healthy, adopt unique baking technology, for those who are busy but care about their health.

& seaweed


Soda Cracker

Whole Wheat & Sesame

Natural domestic buckwheat & natural Sesame

Selected domestic Stone Ground Style Whole Wheat Flour, 100% healthy, adopt unique baking technology, fresh and tasty!

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