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No. 147 Kaohsiung is a new variety cultivated by Kaohsiung District Agricultural Improvement Farm, which is also known as " Fragrant Beauty Rice" or " Fragrant Rice Diamond Rice".

Rice Products


Taiwan Rice
No. 147 Kaohsiung

Taiwan Rice

.No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no herbicides


.Most environmentally friendly farming way


.The Champion Rice in Japan


Black Kerneled Rice

Taiwan Rice

.Rich in anthocyanin, vitamin B complex


.Rich in dietary fiber Low GI, low calorie


.Provides minerals needed by our body


Kau Li Bi

Kau Li Bi originated from the field left by the founder’s grandfather. It was founded by Dr. Ma YuAn., a doctor of agricultural machinery from NCHU. Using knowledge and experience, he chose pest-resistant varieties, rationalized fertilization, and didn’t use any chemical pesticides to produce the best grains.

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