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No.1 Biotech

Number One Biotech Inc. established in 2016, believes that “Agriculture nourish better life”, we keep promoting Modernized agriculture and providing intelligent, precise, and sustainable farming environments, pushing our agricultural technology to new limits. 


Number One Premium Taiwan Tea

Tea is a natural and peaceful beverage. Creating a more harmonious and healthy society and living environments, a will is a vision that we pursue forever.

Paochong tea

The most famous Strip type Paochong tea in northern Taiwan, the organic Mesophyll selected from Pinglin district, with the classical honey green liquor color.

PaoChong Tea

Red oolong

Red Oolong Tea

Hand-picked tea leaves are processed through multiple procedures.
The tea has a fruity aroma, which is the first choice for drinking tea in summer.

Ruby Black Tea

Ruby Black Tea

The exclusive tea cultivar, Selected from Taiwan Pinglin District. Ruby black tea has a cinnamon hint, with an aftertaste of mint.

Ripe Scent oolong

Ripe Scent Oolong Tea

Heavy roasting Oolong tea,  has a mature fruit taste, with bright orange liquor color, and the aftertaste of Honey flavor.

Fragrant type oolong

Fragrant Type Oolong Tea

Fragrant type Oolong tea, Light fermentation, roasting contains the fruit aroma, with bright green liquor color.


Bean Powder Series

No.1 Biotech Self-brand

Made of transparent and reliable domestic soybeans, red beans, and black beans(TAP), after low-temperature roasting, drying, sterilization procedures, with zero artificial additives, maintained the natural original flavor.


Taiwan Azuki Bean Powder

Kaohsiung No. 9 Azuki Beans,100% sugar-free, preservative-free.
Finely ground, suitable for a variety of drinks, Rich in protein and minerals.


Selected domestic non-GMO green kernel black beans.
Roasted at low temperature to retain the full nutrition.
No artificial additives, Rich in nutrients needed by our body.

Taiwan Black Soybean Powder


Taiwan Soybean Powder

Selected domestic non-GMO soybeans. Contains full nutrition. No artificial additives, important sources of minerals.

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